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Podcast – Continuum Gaps w/Mark Schaefer: It’s The Wild West

2I’ve long been a fan of Mark Schaefer’s, but that ratcheted up by orders of magnitude when he published his column on Content Shock and then his follow-up column, Six Arguments Against Content Shock.

There are a lot of well-meaning people and organizations in our space. And, there’s a lot of nonsense masquerading as fact. It’s exhausting.

When Mark took on many of the logical fallacies in the content space (bless him), it was a balm for me. He did it respectfully & brilliantly.

IMG_0094So you can imagine that I was tickled to be able interview Mark for my podcast series: B2B Continuum Gaps. We spoke just before her released his book The Content Code: Six Essential Strategies for Igniting Your Content, Your Marketing, and Your Business (go get this book). Follow him on twitter.

I love this interview because it’s packed with fab insights and Mark knows how to turn a phrase. Highlights for me:

Attention span is finite.
Reach has plummeted.
It’s the Wild West.
If you’re in a niche where a content arms race is going on…
There are 3 reasons why people share content <= LOVE that
Embedding share-ability
Dark social media
How do we find the Alpha Audience?
And more…

Here’s my interview with Mark

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Podcast – Continuum Gaps w/Carlos Hidalgo: End Marketing Insanity


2In my 2015 quest to highlight the smartest and most reasonable leaders in the B2B Marketing/Inside/Sales Continuum, Carlos Hidalgo is absolutely at the top of my list.

His company, ANNUITAS, is a B2B Demand Strategy firm designed to help enterprise organizations Transform Demand Generation℠.   And Carlos is all about putting a halt to Marketing Insanity.

CarlosHidalgoCarlos has been a voice of reason for long enough in B2B that he’s concerned that we’re not making much progress against our most critical objectives. I asked Carlos if he’d be willing to chat with me about some of these issues and, thankfully, he said yes.

Here’s my interview with Carlos Hidalgo.

If reason, logic, and sound research are important to you, follow Carlos on twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn, and subscribe to his blog.

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Podcast – Continuum Gaps w/Julie Schwartz: Hazardous B2B Misperceptions

During this year where I’m hoping Reason will finally prevail in the world of B2B Sales & Marketing (am I 2crazy?), my spirits are ever buoyed by the wonderful team at ITSMA, the world’s leading research-based membership organization that helps B2B companies market and sell services and solutions more effectively. So many reasons to be fans of ITSMA (on twitter), not the least of which:

  • No false research, agenda, or bias. They follow proper scientific method in their research.
  • You’ll never hear them proclaim that anyone tactic is King. Nor will you hear them proclaim anything is dead.
  • They get Marketing for the high consideration, complex sale like no one Screenshot 2:27:15 11:10 AMelse.

SVP, Julie Schwartz agreed to share with me her views on the biggest misperceptions in the marketplace. And they have the research to back this up. Fair warning, you might be very surprised by what the actual data says here:

  • How much of the buyer’s journey takes place online
  • How important the salesperson is or is not
  • If buyers find social valuable to their buying decision

Here’s my interview with Julie.

In the podcast we mention some of ITSMA’s research and below are links to some of my favorites. More importantly, get to know ITSMA. Join or sample some of their work. It’s all Signal, no noise. And definitely follow Julie on twitter.

8 Important Facts about Complex, High-Consideration B2B Solutions Purchases
How Buyers Consume: Content, Knowledge, and Wisdom
You’re Wrong, B2B Sales is not Obsolete!

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Podcast – Continuum Gaps with Avinash: Proof Proof Proof


Several years ago, during one of the many times I was whining to my compadre Eric Wittlake about the almost complete void of Reason in data, analytics, and research in B2B Marketing, Eric said “you need to know Avinash.” (thanks, Eric)

Avinash Kaushik is Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, and author, and social media behemoth, and more. If you don’t know him yet, start with his blog, then follow him on twitter and connect on LinkedIn. He’s one of the few business streams I follow on Facebook.

Avinash_Kaushik___LinkedInWhat I immediately loved about Avinash is his ability to lay-icize complexities for those of us who aren’t wired as mathematicians or mechanical engineers. We all need great data, but more than that, we need to be able to spot bad data and understand how to work with the often unhealthy data we currently have access to.

As 2015, for me, is the year to be shining the spotlight on the most reasonable people and organizations doing the best work in B2B, Avinash is a can’t miss. (subscribe here)

In today’s podcast, we mention some fabulous resources and the links are below:

The blog post on micro conversions and computing goal values (the TI example is in the post)
Here are the ladders of awesomeness
The digital marketing and measurement model
Not purely B2B, but these are Avinash’s fav KPIs

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Podcast – Continuum Gaps with Augie Ray: Bursting Bubbles

2Our inaugural podcast episode is with the inimitable Augie Ray. I’m an Augie fangirl and here are just a couple of reasons why:

  • He’s wicked smart, values sound data, works tirelessly to publicize sound research.
  • He cares about his ecosystem and would not publish, via any channel, content he hasn’t personally vetted.
  • Super nice, approachable, funny.

Unafraid to burst a few bubbles along the way, here are just a couple of the delights that await you in my interview with Augie:

  • His exercise for determining if Content is indeed King
  • Why social media just might not be aligned to what marketing needs (and where the better alignment is)
  • How to spot bad research

And here’s how you can get all the Augie you need (and we all need more Augie): Augie on twitter, Augie’s blog, and then connect with him on LinkedIn.

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