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Podcast – Continuum Gaps with Augie Ray: Bursting Bubbles

2Our inaugural podcast episode is with the inimitable Augie Ray. I’m an Augie fangirl and here are just a couple of reasons why:

  • He’s wicked smart, values sound data, works tirelessly to publicize sound research.
  • He cares about his ecosystem and would not publish, via any channel, content he hasn’t personally vetted.
  • Super nice, approachable, funny.

Unafraid to burst a few bubbles along the way, here are just a couple of the delights that await you in my interview with Augie:

  • His exercise for determining if Content is indeed King
  • Why social media just might not be aligned to what marketing needs (and where the better alignment is)
  • How to spot bad research

And here’s how you can get all the Augie you need (and we all need more Augie): Augie on twitter, Augie’s blog, and then connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Really enjoyed our chat.  I'd welcome any feedback from your listeners here!