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Podcast – Continuum Gaps with Avinash: Proof Proof Proof


Several years ago, during one of the many times I was whining to my compadre Eric Wittlake about the almost complete void of Reason in data, analytics, and research in B2B Marketing, Eric said “you need to know Avinash.” (thanks, Eric)

Avinash Kaushik is Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, and author, and social media behemoth, and more. If you don’t know him yet, start with his blog, then follow him on twitter and connect on LinkedIn. He’s one of the few business streams I follow on Facebook.

Avinash_Kaushik___LinkedInWhat I immediately loved about Avinash is his ability to lay-icize complexities for those of us who aren’t wired as mathematicians or mechanical engineers. We all need great data, but more than that, we need to be able to spot bad data and understand how to work with the often unhealthy data we currently have access to.

As 2015, for me, is the year to be shining the spotlight on the most reasonable people and organizations doing the best work in B2B, Avinash is a can’t miss. (subscribe here)

In today’s podcast, we mention some fabulous resources and the links are below:

The blog post on micro conversions and computing goal values (the TI example is in the post)
Here are the ladders of awesomeness
The digital marketing and measurement model
Not purely B2B, but these are Avinash’s fav KPIs

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Listened to the podcast this morning - very interesting. And as my fellow commenter points out, it's good to hear someone with so much enthusiasm for the topic. Will listen more!


Thanks Maureen for a terrific podcast. One of Avinish's gift is his genuine enthuisiam in this space. His DMM model is must read on helping a company focus on measuring the specifics and breaking away from the myopic focus on leads, leads, leads. 

MaureenB2B moderator

@mojapan Gosh yes. I love his enthusiasm - it's contagious. And he makes it seem all so do-able! Thanks for stopping by.