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Podcast – Continuum Gaps w/Carlos Hidalgo: End Marketing Insanity


2In my 2015 quest to highlight the smartest and most reasonable leaders in the B2B Marketing/Inside/Sales Continuum, Carlos Hidalgo is absolutely at the top of my list.

His company, ANNUITAS, is a B2B Demand Strategy firm designed to help enterprise organizations Transform Demand Generation℠.   And Carlos is all about putting a halt to Marketing Insanity.

CarlosHidalgoCarlos has been a voice of reason for long enough in B2B that he’s concerned that we’re not making much progress against our most critical objectives. I asked Carlos if he’d be willing to chat with me about some of these issues and, thankfully, he said yes.

Here’s my interview with Carlos Hidalgo.

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I just became aware of your blog and this was the first article I read/listened to. I was blown away! As a marketing in B2B for 10 years, I have never been part of a company that thought this way. We are so ingrained in the minutia of brochures, tradeshows, and email blasts, that we never stop to ask what is the best way to engage our customers and what can we do to push them into a "purchase process". Thank you for your blog and interview of Carlos Hidalgo. I've been looking for a B2B Marketing space on the web to gain insights on how to do it better and I think I found what I have been looking for. I'll be checking in frequently to get caught up on things I should be doing in B2B Marketing. Thank you!