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Podcast - Continuum Gaps w/Carlos Hidalgo: End Marketing Insanity
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In my 2015 quest to highlight the smartest and most reasonable leaders in the B2B Marketing/Inside/Sales Continuum, Carlos Hidalgo is absolutely at the top of my list.

His company, ANNUITAS, is a B2B Demand Strategy firm designed to help enterprise organizations Transform Demand Generation?. And Carlos is all about putting a halt to Marketing Insanity.

Carlos has been a voice of reason for long enough in B2B that he’s concerned that we’re not making much progress against our most critical objectives. I asked Carlos if he’d be willing to chat with me about some of these issues and, thankfully, he said yes.

Here’s my interview with Carlos Hidalgo.

If reason, logic, and sound research are important to you, follow Carlos on twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn, and subscribe to his blog.

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