Thought Leadership - Yang Is Missing

Eric Wittlake asked me a great question on thought leadership (Thanks, Eric!) in #B2Bchat a couple weeks ago. And like so many B2B topics, there are many, many viewpoints as to what constitutes thought leadership. For those of you who think corporations are people, this post isn抰 for you. Let抯 get one thing clear: Companies […]

B2B Sales Support: One Size Does Not Fit All

SO here抯 the deal. I抦 quite pleased that B2B is no longer cleaning chimneys while B2C gets to go to all the hot dance parties. Over爐he past decade, I抳e seen B2B go from the ugly stepchild to having a well-deserved place in the spotlight. But we抮e nowhere near where we need to be as a […]

The B2B CFO (mini) Study

For bkg: http://mindtimegroup.com/WordPress/?p=36 There抯 so much we don抰 know regarding efficacious revenue generation, dots we can抰 connect, and so much we DO know but don抰 pay attention to. The Sales & Marketing dynamic bleeds profits. Bleeds 慹m. My thinking was and is, if a CFO knew what a cluster that whole dynamic is, wouldn抰 the […]

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