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Podcast - Continuum Gaps w/Carlos Hidalgo: End Marketing Insanity

Podcast – Continuum Gaps w/Carlos Hidalgo: End Marketing Insanity

Podcast - Continuum Gaps with Avinash: Proof Proof Proof

Several years ago, during one of the many times I was whining to my compadre Eric Wittlake about the almost complete void of Reason in data, analytics, and research in B2B Marketing, Eric said “you need to know Avinash.” (thanks, Eric) Avinash Kaushik is Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, and author, and social media behemoth, and more. […]

Podcast - Continuum Gaps with Augie Ray: Bursting Bubbles

Our inaugural podcast episode is with the inimitable Augie Ray. I’m an Augie fangirl and here are just a couple of reasons why: He’s wicked smart, values sound data, works tirelessly to publicize sound research. He cares about his ecosystem and would not publish, via any channel, content he hasn’t personally vetted. Super nice, approachable, funny. […]

How to Find and Close Painful B2B Sales & Marketing Continuum Gaps - Podcast

For me, 2015 will be all about shining a spotlight on the folks I think are providing the most value to the B2B space. It’s too hard to hear the signal, while there’s so much noise. With that, I’m tickled to introduce my new podcast – Continuum Gaps – where we’ll identify some of the […]

A Wee Homage to Those Who Mostly Have No Idea How I Rely on Them

The past 8 months – wow, Tempus Fugit. After 20+ years of leading a boutique B2B agency, I leapt to the other side of the desk and, umm, across the Atlantic. Talk about a life change 🙂 There’s a lot that’s lacking in the B2B social sphere – the auto-posters (gah), the claim after claim that is […]

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