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New B2B Offer = Hidden, BIG Sales Challenge

For those of you who’ve never deeply embedded with sales, I’d like to illuminate a hidden challenge with New Offers. I’ve been evangelizing for years regarding all the silly, obvious errors we make when introducing new products or solutions. But there’s a definite sales obstacle that trips up the New Offer process. Sales trainers and coaches […]

Nuance, anyone?

I was waxing a bit poetic about “Nuance” recently and Eric Wittlake, as he’s wont to do, nudged me for examples. Because he’s a data guy and floaty opinions don’t mean much to him. He wants examples. And in the past couple of weeks, I had plenty of company talking about nuance. I’ll share some examples first […]

Automators Great at Automating; Pathetic at Selling, Marketing

Most of my clients have some kind of Marketing Automation. A few have one of the big four or five, and the rest have a variety of smaller marketing automation packages, or something they’ve cobbled together on their own. I’m mostly not particular about which system they use, unless it’s getting in our way. Same […]

B2B Sales Support: One Size Does Not Fit All

SO heres the deal. Im quite pleased that B2B is no longer cleaning chimneys while B2C gets to go to all the hot dance parties. Overthe past decade, Ive seen B2B go from the ugly stepchild to having a well-deserved place in the spotlight. But were nowhere near where we need to be as a […]

The Value of the Clarifying Question

I know better. I do. I’ve been well-trained (thank you, Lynn McInturf, best Sandler consultant ever). Here’s the story. I’ve been negotiating with a prospect – the company has been a client for several years but my current prospect is someone who’s not hired me before. He’s a great guy, we’re mostly aligned on our […]

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