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THIS Is How To Do Email Content

I want to hug this email. I wish I never had to write another email for a client – and I am paid handsomely to do it : )  But if more people knew how to write simply, and engagingly, I could shut down that part of my business. I often wonder how much the […]

Automators Great at Automating; Pathetic at Selling, Marketing

Most of my clients have some kind of Marketing Automation. A few have one of the big four or five, and the rest have a variety of smaller marketing automation packages, or something they’ve cobbled together on their own. I’m mostly not particular about which system they use, unless it’s getting in our way. Same […]

Your Social Media Pyramid Scheme

Gurus, Rawkstars, Pundits, Experts, Specialists, you Posting Machines – I feel ya. You have to ‘look’ prolific to be asked to guest post, author, speak, and <gag> raise your k-Influencer score du jour. If your ‘followers’ are reading even 50% of what you post, they’re probably not highly functioning members of business. They certainly have […]

This B2B Whopper MUST Go

“70% of the buying process in a complex B2B sale is already complete before a buyer will talk to a seller.” If you ever hear some version of this whopper from anyone, you should immediately discount the person as either willfully ignorant, woefully ignorant, or a purposeful skewer of data to sell their own stuff […]

They Can See You, But You Can't See Them

Our B2B community can forget how vast the B2B sector is. In fact, I’m not sure anyone has their arms around the number of B2Bs there are – publicly- or privately-held.

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