Podcast - Continuum Gaps w/Julie Schwartz: Hazardous B2B Misperceptions

During this year where I’m hoping Reason will finally prevail in the world of B2B Sales & Marketing (am I crazy?), my spirits are ever buoyed by the wonderful team at ITSMA,†the world’s leading†research-based membership organization that helps B2B companies market and sell services and solutions more effectively. So many reasons to be fans of […]

Podcast - Continuum Gaps with Avinash: Proof Proof Proof

Several years ago, during one of the many times I was whining to my compadre†Eric Wittlake about the almost complete void of Reason in data, analytics, and research in B2B Marketing, Eric said ďyou need to know Avinash.Ē (thanks, Eric) Avinash Kaushik is Googleís Digital Marketing Evangelist, and author, and social media behemoth, and more. […]

What The Automators Hope You Won't Find Out

B2B is a nuanced space. So, yes, there are many places where great marketing + automation can lead to an environment where a salesperson is far less necessary in certain phases of the buying process than he was years ago. But what the Automators & Content Zealots would have us believe, is that their data […]

The Harm & The Solution to Marketing/Sales Imbalance

This is a follow-up to:¬†Automators Great at Automating; Pathetic at Selling, Marketing Why do I care so much about the crazy antics of Automators? Besides the fact that disingenuous always bugs me‚Ķ Harm: Amplified misinformation, from a trusted company, misleads targets into pursuing costly strategies at the expense of sound Revenue Generation strategies. For the […]

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