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How to Find and Close Painful B2B Sales & Marketing Continuum Gaps - Podcast
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For me, 2015 will be all about shining a spotlight on the folks I think are providing the most value to the B2B space. It’s too hard to hear the signal, while there’s so much noise.

2With that, I’m tickled to introduce my new podcast ľ Continuum Gaps ľ where weĺll identify some of the biggest gaps B2Bs are grappling with on the Sales and Marketing Continuum. Joining me will be some of the most reasonable and smartest folks in the B2B. You’ll have heard of some of them, and some you might not know, but should.

While weĺll be looking at gaps, weĺll also be exploring solutions to close those gaps. Hereĺs a short intro to the series or go straight to iTunes to subscribe.

Further delighted that the inimitable Augie Ray is my first guest. More on that here.

Would love to have your feedback; so comments here or to me on twitter or email me at – it’s all appreciated.

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