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Podcast - Continuum Gaps w/Julie Schwartz: Hazardous B2B Misperceptions
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During this year where I’m hoping Reason will finally prevail in the world of B2B Sales & Marketing (am I 2crazy?), my spirits are ever buoyed by the wonderful team at ITSMA,†the world’s leading†research-based membership organization that helps B2B companies market and sell services and solutions more effectively. So many reasons to be fans of ITSMA (on twitter), not the least of which:

  • No false research, agenda, or bias. They follow proper scientific method in their research.
  • You’ll never hear them proclaim that anyone tactic is King. Nor will you hear them proclaim anything is dead.
  • They get Marketing for the high consideration, complex sale like no one Screenshot 2:27:15 11:10 AMelse.

SVP, Julie Schwartz agreed to share with me her views†on the biggest misperceptions in the marketplace. And they have the research to back this up. Fair warning, you might be very surprised by what the actual data says here:

  • How much of the buyer’s journey takes place online
  • How important the salesperson is or is not
  • If†buyers find†social valuable to their buying decision

Here’s my interview with Julie.

In the podcast we mention some of ITSMA’s research and below are links to some of my favorites. More importantly, get to know ITSMA. Join or sample some of their work. It’s all Signal, no noise. And definitely follow Julie on twitter.

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How Buyers Consume: Content, Knowledge, and Wisdom
Youíre Wrong, B2B Sales is not Obsolete!

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