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Podcast – Continuum Gaps w/Mark Schaefer: It’s The Wild West

2I’ve long been a fan of Mark Schaefer’s, but that ratcheted up by orders of magnitude when he published his column on Content Shock and then his follow-up column, Six Arguments Against Content Shock.

There are a lot of well-meaning people and organizations in our space. And, there’s a lot of nonsense masquerading as fact. It’s exhausting.

When Mark took on many of the logical fallacies in the content space (bless him), it was a balm for me. He did it respectfully & brilliantly.

IMG_0094So you can imagine that I was tickled to be able interview Mark for my podcast series: B2B Continuum Gaps. We spoke just before her released his book The Content Code: Six Essential Strategies for Igniting Your Content, Your Marketing, and Your Business (go get this book). Follow him on twitter.

I love this interview because it’s packed with fab insights and Mark knows how to turn a phrase. Highlights for me:

Attention span is finite.
Reach has plummeted.
It’s the Wild West.
If you’re in a niche where a content arms race is going on…
There are 3 reasons why people share content <= LOVE that
Embedding share-ability
Dark social media
How do we find the Alpha Audience?
And more…

Here’s my interview with Mark

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