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Ode to Gini aka @GiniDietrich
Maureen Blandford comment 11 Comments

LOVE our 2.0 world. It’s very inspirational to me. The connections and opportunities for brain expansion are endless.

Take the inimitable Gini Dietrich ( Recommended to me by @Hoovers Tim Walker (he blogs here).

Having just discovered Gini, I must say she’s one of my favorites to follow on twitter. Rollicking, energetic, inspirational and educational. And completely organic. She does not awkwardly sell herself. When I tweeted:

Many tks to @hoovers for specific rec to follow @ginidietrich TONS of great learning, plus reasonable quantity of tweets w/NO self selling

She replied:

@maureenmindtime Uh oh. What happens when I start self-selling?! 🙂 Okay. Not really. Thanks for the nice tweet!

So perhaps Gini was teasing me ; ) about the phrase “self-selling.” Here’s what I was trying to say in a few characters: Gini effortlessly positions herself as a true thought leader by educating, inspiring and motivating. She doesn’t waste characters (or our MindTime) with throwaway phrases like: “New Blog Post” or “Only a few seats left for my FREE webinar.”

She also doesn’t appear to thank people excessively for #FFs or retweets. I can’t speak for her, but I’m really bugged when tweeters are profuse in publicly thanking people for FFs and RTs. I don’t need to be thanked when I RT; I tweet for my audience, I don’t RT to promote the original tweeter. Thus, I don’t need to be thanked. I suspect that often when tweeters do excessive public thanking specifically for FFs and RTs, it’s just another way to self-sell: “SEE? These people think I’m cool because they retweeted me.” Let’s let our work speak for itself, eh?

Finally, I love that @GiniDietrich tells me why it’s worth my valuable time to check out a link she recommends. I don’t have time to follow a blind link – my team knows this and I wish anyone who fancies themselves a thought leader would follow suit. Twitter and blogs are my primary continuous education and I want smart people to point the way.

In my inbox this morning was a mass email from a LinkedIn peer. The note was essentially “I found this link and thought you’d be interested.” I was so appalled by such a crappy message that, against my normal MO,  I actually wanted to see where the link went. The “found” link? To a sales webinar by the sender. Really. Huh. I’m sorry to be harsh, but that’s just embarrassing and inelegant. Come on.

Look B2B thought leaders, if we expect Marketers and Sellers to learn from us, we’ve got to be fabulous in every communiqué. We MUST model the right behavior. Every. Time.

So next time you’re confused about your promotional work, ask What Would @GiniDietrich Do?