The MB Manifesto

For Marketing to deliver back to the organization, the strategic positioning needs to be on point and the org structure, systems, and processes all must be optimized.

Content must be deeply meaningful to prospects, customers, and influencers or it’s just SEOish word salad.

Online is critical, but offline is still important.

Extreme business & sales acumen + reading the digital marketplace are must haves for a modern B2B marketing team.

Deep respect for sales organizations, salespeople, and sales leadership.

Cited by top CXO Influencer Dion Hinchcliffe: Who controls the marketing tech stack in 2017: The CIO or CMO?

Material contributor to Altimeter research: The Transformation of Selling: How Digital Enables Seamless Selling

Contributor to spotONvision: B2B Marketing Trend Report 2017

Named 1 of 13 Inspirational Marketing Leaders by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Regular speaker, recently at MarketingB2B’s event June 2017 and London’s AdWeek 2017

Continued Evangelist for the Complex Sale B2B space:
What You *Really* Need in a Complex Sale, B2B CMO
I Am Your Prospect (not a persona)
Forget ‘Know Your Buyer.’ Know Your Ecosystems Instead


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