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THIS Is How To Do Email Content


I want to hug this email. I wish I never had to write another email for a client – and I am paid handsomely to do it : )  But if more people knew how to write simply, and engagingly, I could shut down that part of my business.

I often wonder how much the data on email effectiveness would be different if email copy wasn’t so bad.

Color me giddy to get the email above. I know of Chris Brogan, and I appreciate what he does for his communities, but I’m not much of a follower. I recently subscribed to something of his (although I can’t remember why/what right now) – but holy moly, this guy knows how to make me think we’re friends.

Without asking me, he’s also followed the tenets that I lay out for clients for how to do a great outreach email:

  • Start the conversation in the subject header
  • Be short, personable, confident
  • Offer help for a problem I didn’t know I had

So while the Chris Brogan team wants to make sure that I know how to keep their messages in my main stream, they’ve also helped me understand how to keep this type of mail from others in my main stream.

I’ve not yet figured out why it’s so challenging for lay people to write this way. Perhaps I should raise my rates…



Joshua Natella
Joshua Natella

Thank you, thank you, for writing this.

When we manage our clients email campaigns, it seems like we're always re-writing the copy.

Everyone wants to send a flyer, and as you know that flat out just doesn't work. I think this is the biggest reason people believe email marketing doesn't work.

Connecting personally, and offering real value works great though.